Cricket enthusiasts often find themselves engrossed in comparing the performances of players and teams across different formats of the game. One such comparison that intrigues fans is between the English Premier League (EPL) and the Sri Lanka Test Series. While these two are different sports, the concept of a scorecard is a common thread that binds them together. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of comparing the EPL scorecard to that of a Sri Lanka Test Series, shedding light on the key differences and similarities between the two.

Scoring System

EPL Scorecard

In the EPL, teams are awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. Goals scored, goal difference, and head-to-head record are used as tiebreakers in case teams are level on points.

Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard

In Test cricket, teams can earn a maximum of 120 points per series in the ICC World Test Championship. A team earns 60 points for a win, 30 points for a tie, and 20 points for a draw. Bonus points are also available for slow over rates.

Format of Play

EPL Scorecard

The EPL consists of 20 clubs playing a total of 38 matches each during a season. Each team plays every other team twice, once at their home stadium and once at the opponent’s venue.

Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard

A Test series typically comprises of 2-3 matches played between two nations. Each Test match spans over five days, with both teams having two innings each to bat and bowl.

Player Performances

EPL Scorecard

Players in the EPL are evaluated based on various statistics such as goals, assists, passes completed, and clean sheets for goalkeepers. High-scoring players often win the prestigious Golden Boot award for most goals in a season.

Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard

In Test cricket, player performances are assessed through stats like runs scored, wickets taken, catches held, and strike rates. The Man of the Series award is bestowed upon the player who excels across all facets of the game.

Fan Engagement

EPL Scorecard

The EPL garners immense popularity worldwide, with a massive fan following on social media platforms and through broadcasting rights. Fans actively participate in fantasy leagues and sports betting, predicting outcomes of matches based on scorecards.

Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard

Test cricket has a niche but dedicated fan base that values the traditional format for its emphasis on skill and temperament. Fans engage in discussions on player techniques and strategic nuances, analyzing performances based on detailed scorecards.

Stakes and Rewards

EPL Scorecard

Apart from the trophy for winning the EPL, clubs compete for Champions League qualification spots and relegation avoidance. Financial implications based on final league positions also add to the stakes.

Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard

Teams in a Test series vie for bragging rights, with the series winner often celebrated for their dominance. Success in Test cricket also contributes to a nation’s standing in the ICC Test rankings, reflecting their long-term consistency in the format.


In conclusion, while the EPL Scorecard and Sri Lanka Test Series Scorecard cater to different audiences and formats of the game, both hold a special place in the hearts of cricket and football fans, respectively. The lure of competition, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat are experiences shared across these diverse sporting landscapes, making the comparison of their respective scorecards a fascinating exercise in appreciating the beauty of sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can EPL teams earn bonus points like in the Sri Lanka Test Series?

  • No, bonus points are not awarded in the EPL. Teams only earn points based on match results.

2. How does the concept of ‘clean sheets’ in the EPL compare to cricket statistics?

  • ‘Clean sheets’ in the EPL refer to matches where a team does not concede any goals, akin to a bowler taking no wickets in a Test innings.

3. Do player fines or penalties reflect in the EPL scorecard?

  • Player disciplinary actions such as fines or suspensions are not directly reflected in the EPL scorecard but may impact team performance in subsequent matches.

4. Is there a tiebreaker scenario in the Sri Lanka Test Series like in the EPL?

  • Yes, in Test cricket, if a match ends in a tie, the team with a better overall run rate throughout the series may be declared as the winner.

5. How do weather interruptions affect the Sri Lanka Test Series scorecard?

  • Weather interruptions can lead to drawn matches in Test cricket, impacting the allocation of points and determining the series outcome based on the number of matches completed.

6. Are there specific awards in the EPL similar to the Man of the Series in Test cricket?

  • Individual awards like Player of the Month, Golden Boot, and PFA Player of the Year are conferred in the EPL to recognize outstanding players throughout the season.

7. How do away goals factor into the EPL scorecard format?

  • Away goals are not considered in the EPL scorecard system. Teams earn equal points whether they win at home or away.

8. Are there provisions for video referrals in the Sri Lanka Test Series akin to VAR in the EPL?

  • Yes, the Decision Review System (DRS) is used in Test cricket to allow teams to challenge on-field umpire decisions through technology, akin to VAR in football.

9. Can a player win both the Golden Boot in the EPL and the Man of the Series in a Test series in the same year?

  • While rare, it is theoretically possible for a player to excel across both formats and be recognized with these prestigious awards in the same year based on their performances.

10. How do penalty shootouts in the EPL compare to Super Overs in cricket in terms of deciding drawn matches?

  • Penalty shootouts in the EPL are used in knockout competitions like the FA Cup and Carabao Cup to determine a winner in a single match, while Super Overs in cricket are a tiebreaker in limited-overs matches and T20 leagues like the IPL.

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