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This is the first of a four part series of posts that will discuss the concept of a secret.

What started as an idea in a friend’s head was soon turned into a website and a book. The website was launched during the summer of 2001 and was a site which contained a range of different secret questions and answers with a website address. The books were written by Dave Eggers (who has also written the bestsellers The Book Thief, The Blind Side, Americanah, and A Good Year).

The website was the idea of a friend of mine, which was a way to share my ideas about secrets. He used to keep a diary and as such knew exactly how I liked to keep things secret. The idea of the book was that the questions were the questions that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone or that others might also not feel comfortable asking. I’ve read the books, they’re great, and I like them.

And yes, there is also a non-self-publishing version available.

The website is a site I stumbled upon by accident when I noticed that I seemed to have a lot more questions about secrets that I was having difficulty answering on my own. I was working on a post about a secret I was working on. When I was on there, I was able to find a ton of other posts on the subject. To me, seemed to be full of the same types of questions you would get from someone who is just curious about a topic.

We really need to do a lot more research before we start making public posts about And I’m guessing, as a self-publishing company, that it’s harder to find public posts which are less interesting. If I were to do this, I’d probably start by telling everyone to stop posting secrets because they’re too obscure.

I agree, Im a little worried about the quality of the comments, but I do think we should do more research as to why is so popular. I don’t think its because the posts are interesting. However, Im not sure how much more we can learn about before we start making public posts about it.

I think we’ve come a fair way in the past few days, but I think we need to go faster. We need to get more information on and what makes people click on it. I’d be happy to share any posts we make but I’m also not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

It’s important to note that not all posts are worth sharing. Some of the most popular posts are links to other sites that are also interesting. We should be careful to not share every single one that the general public gets to see.

The game has a bit more than one million pages that would be a lot of time and space. I hope you get used to it.

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