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The top of a doji (also called a spin top) is the piece of paper that allows us to draw pictures of the world around us.

I got my first doji at a computer store I visited. It was the one from one of those Japanese computer game arcades I was always attracted to. The doji had a little red button on it, which you could press to change the image. I got the idea from an old game called ‘Doodle Jump’ and I thought I’d use the doji to draw pictures of my own face for a game I wrote.

I quickly saw the potential of this doji, because it could be used for a variety of things. You could add a little bit of realism to your drawings by using a larger picture than the original doji. I could even use it to add a little bit of depth to my drawings by filling in the space around the outside of the picture with the color I wanted.

I was actually thinking of using the doji in this role so that I could have a larger picture to fill up the space around my drawing, but then I remembered that in the real world, a doji would really just be a picture of a doji. So I decided instead to use it to create a “spinning top doji” and add some depth by filling in the space around it so it looks like the image is rotating around the picture.

It’s a great idea to add the depth to make it look like the image is rotating around the picture, even if there are no other frames to fill in.

I think you could do a lot of things with a spinning top doji instead of using it to fill in space, but it’s a great idea to really push it.

spinning top doji is a great idea. It’s a simple way to create depth without using 3d geometry. The downside is it can look like you’re rotating objects around you.

The problem is when you’re not supposed to spin top doji, it’s totally useless. It’s only an idea. You can still use it to fill in space, but its a great idea.

It might help if you used a camera with a spinning top doji instead of using 3d geometry, and when you were spinning the top doji, you would keep the camera in the same place.

The way you can use a spinning top doji to fill in space is the one I mentioned earlier. The key thing to remember is that to use a spinning top doji, you need to know that you’re really spinning. To use it to fill in space, you need to know the distance between the object and the object’s center of gravity, and then you need to know your object’s speed and position with respect to that object.

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