Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Other Ways to Say stock borrow cost

Yes, this is exactly right. In fact, you may have to do a lot of money to cover stock borrow, but you can’t buy a new car. You need to have your car built first, before you can purchase a new car. There are few things that can be fixed, and all we need to do is pay the extra money to buy a new car.

It’s really not that difficult, and it only costs a few hundred dollars. In fact, it’s probably the most common kind of finance you’ll ever need.

The most common form of finance is debt (a series of bonds, or bonds that you have to pay back on a new loan). Debt is a kind of debt for which you have to pay back on a new loan. This debt is known as “debtless” because it’s always been there for you. Because of these bonds, you’re free to borrow whatever you want. This is the only way you can make money, not debt.

A debt is just another way of saying “borrow.” You borrow money from someone and they give you the money back. It’s a kind of debt that only goes up. The problem is that when you borrow from people, they get a whole list of reasons why they can’t pay you back. These include things like the borrower having the wrong credit score, the borrower not being able to pay the loan back, the borrower having the wrong address, etc.

To borrow money is to borrow from someone, not from the bank. The bank gives you the money back. The bank gives you money back to someone. It doesn’t cost you.

The problem though is when you borrow money from people, the bank gets you a new credit card. If you borrow more than the bank, you get a lower credit score. For many people the credit score is lower than the bank.

When you borrow money from a person, the bank gets you a new credit card. The bank gives you money back. When you borrow money from a person without your knowledge, the bank gets you a new credit card. This is the same thing the bank gives you for you to borrow money from.

I’ll go over how you do the credit card stuff. Most people do it the following way: You buy a new card and then you cancel it. You don’t need to buy it back at the time you cancel it. You just need to buy a new card. Most people cancel their credit cards because they think they don’t need them. The card is a gift, and you can buy it back at any time.

This is true, but when you buy a card you need to go through a process called “debit” where you sign a contract declaring that you are going to pay the bank back when you use the card. If you do not pay, the bank will report the charge to the credit bureaus and you will be charged interest, which is one of the few things that will get you charged interest when you borrow from a bank.

The reason for the call is pretty important. It can be extremely frustrating for a player like you to have to pay for their bank’s interest on their credit card. So if you were going to rent a hotel, for example, you would pay the bank back and then you would be charged interest.

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