As we eagerly await the upcoming BPL Schedule 2024, fans, players, and teams are gearing up for another thrilling season of cricket action. The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has become one of the most anticipated and exciting T20 cricket tournaments in the world, attracting top players from around the globe. In this article, we will delve into the details of the BPL Schedule 2024, including dates, teams, matches, and key highlights to look forward to.

BPL Schedule 2024

The BPL Schedule 2024 promises to deliver high-octane cricket matches spread across several weeks of intense competition. The tournament typically features seven franchise teams representing different cities in Bangladesh. Each team comprises a mix of local talent and international stars, creating a captivating blend of cricketing prowess on the field.


  1. Dhaka Dynamites
  2. Chittagong Vikings
  3. Khulna Titans
  4. Rajshahi Kings
  5. Sylhet Sixers
  6. Comilla Victorians
  7. Rangpur Riders

Dates and Venues

The BPL Schedule 2024 is expected to kick off in late November, running through December, with matches scheduled to take place in various venues across Bangladesh. The tournament typically follows a round-robin format followed by knockout stages, culminating in an electrifying final to determine the BPL champions.

Matches and Key Fixtures

Fans can look forward to a plethora of exciting matches featuring intense rivalries, dazzling performances, and nail-biting finishes. With each team vying for the coveted title, expect to witness top-quality cricketing action as players showcase their skills in all facets of the game.

Some key fixtures to watch out for in the BPL Schedule 2024 include:
Dhaka Dynamites vs. Chittagong Vikings: A clash of titans with a history of fierce battles.
Khulna Titans vs. Rajshahi Kings: An encounter brimming with talent and competitive spirit.
Comilla Victorians vs. Sylhet Sixers: Expect fireworks as these teams go head-to-head.
Rangpur Riders vs. Defending Champions: A showdown with the reigning champions looking to retain their crown.

Player Draft and International Stars

One of the highlights of the BPL Schedule 2024 is the player draft, where teams have the opportunity to select their squad members for the season. The draft often features a mix of established international stars, emerging talents, and local players, adding depth and diversity to each team’s lineup.

Fans can expect to see renowned cricketers from various countries gracing the BPL stage, bringing their experience and skill to the tournament. Past seasons have seen players like Chris Gayle, Shakib Al Hasan, David Warner, and Andre Russell lighting up the BPL with their stellar performances, and the 2024 edition is likely to feature a similar star-studded lineup.


Q: When will the BPL Schedule 2024 be officially announced?
A: The BPL Schedule 2024 is usually announced a few months before the tournament, so fans can expect the official schedule to be revealed in the lead-up to the season.

Q: How many matches are typically played in a BPL season?
A: The number of matches in a BPL season can vary, but teams often play around 40 matches in total, including the group stage and knockout matches.

Q: Are there any new teams joining the BPL in 2024?
A: While the core teams remain consistent in the BPL, there have been instances of new franchises joining the league in previous seasons. Stay tuned for any updates on team additions.

Q: Where can fans watch the BPL matches live?
A: BPL matches are typically broadcasted on television channels and online streaming platforms, allowing fans to catch the action live from anywhere in the world.

Q: Which players are expected to be the top performers in the BPL 2024 season?
A: While it’s difficult to predict individual performances, fans can expect established stars and rising talents to make an impact in the BPL 2024 with their cricketing prowess.

The BPL Schedule 2024 promises to deliver another thrilling season of cricketing excitement, showcasing top talents, fierce rivalries, and unforgettable moments on the field. As fans eagerly await the official schedule and team announcements, the anticipation for the upcoming BPL season continues to grow, setting the stage for an unmissable cricketing spectacle.

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